Portfolio Reaction

I was mostly prepared for the interview. I had all of my portfolio items present before we began, other than one class where I didn’t have a assignment I could show. I prepared for the interview by gathering my items before we began, and making sure my answers had depth and I could talk about them. Other than that, there was not that much I could do to prepare for the interview. One thing I could of done better to prepare was fill my mom in what it was going to be like, so that she would have questions at the end to ask.

I did not enjoy much of the process. I thought it was rather awkward and pointless. I liked that I only had to talk to one teacher rather then three, so I guess that was ok. The interview itself was not beneficial for me, or my parent, and overall a waste of time. At least the interview went quicker then I thought it would.

For the 2014/15 year, I would like to see A LOT of changes. First, I think it should be cut out completely. Since this is not going to happen, I will recommend some improvements to make it not as bad. First, the teachers that we do the interview with, should actually teach us. Another improvement that should be made it that is should be less childish. I felt like I was five years old while doing this thing. The teachers should also direct questions towards us. Overall, this whole process was dull and made me quite angry.

Contemporary methods

After viewing the contemporary methods Aboriginal artists are using to express themselves, I was a bit shocked, and to be honest, frightened. I had not seen any thing like this before, and it left me asking, “What was that?”. Electric Pow Wow for instance was very strange with all the screaming and hip hop over the videos of First Nation stereotypes, and it left me with a weird feeling in my stomach. Although it was weird, it did catch my attention and I did learn more than if it was just a regular historical video. I think the reason First Nations have embraced these methods is because they are not being heard and their culture seems weaker in the media now of days. Using contemporary methods, their culture has gained more attention and their videos have got their points across. While I find these methods strange, they have had success and I understand why they are used.

Shoe story

There is nothing like running your fastest with the wind blowing in your hair. I love playing sports, many of which involve running. I’ve always loved the joy of competing and running my fastest and hardest as I could. Since I love running, the shoe that would best describe me is a pair of runners. Strapping of a pair of runners and tying the laces nice and tight makes me feel something on the inside, and the shoes express a hobby that is very important to me. This choice could be considered common, as many share my similar love for sports and running, but that doesn’t affect my decision since running plays such a large part in my life. I love running, so runners express who I am and what I love.

Writing Piece

Every young hockey player has the same dream, to represent their country in the Olympics. Playing on Canada’s Olympic hockey team is a dream that I have had ever since watching the gold medal game in Salt Lake City in 2004. Canada won that game, and I remember watching how excited and proud they were, and it made me proud to be a Canadian. While just playing on the team would be amazing, I would love the gold medal game going into overtime and I would get a penalty shot that would decide the game. Everyone would cheer for me and I’d skate down and snipe it top shelf. The country would go berserk, my team would doggie pile me, and I’d be MVP of the tournament while also a hero to my country. As a hockey player, this dream is one that always sticks with me as I play, and motivates me to be a better player. I would love playing for team Canada in the Olympics, and look forward to watching them win gold in 2014!

A2 Comparison of my writing to student examples

These four paragraphs have some similarities to my own writing. I’d like to think my paragraph is better than paragraph one, but maybe not quite as good as paragraph 4. I could improve on putting quotes in the essay, and work on my transitions. I’d say my writing is similar to the second one, maybe not quite as good but could get there. There is much I could improve on and I will work to improve.

A7 – Double life

Randy Fulanger was born into a poor family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. When Randy was 16, his parents and him moved to Beverly hills because of his sister getting an acting opportunity. The school in Beverly Hills that Randy attended was a very expensive one, and all the kids there were very wealthy. To try and fit it, Randy would always wear his best clothes, never let friends come to his house, and join in when his friends were making fun of poor families. At home, Randy was truly poor and has to get a job to help his family out. Randy led this double life for a long time, and it would only get harder and harder for Randy. Randy would have to lie to his friends, and parents on why is friends couldn’t come over, and this made him feel like there was no where where he could be himself.

A7 Our culture

Our culture is not all that significant in my family, and I’m ok with that! I think our cultural practices were lost with my dad, he isn’t really into that type of thing and therefore I’m not really either. My family’s cultural past doesn’t really interest me, and I would rather not know that I’m like 1/8th German for some reason. My parents really haven’t really told me anything about my culture, and a big reason of that is that they don’t know that much themselves. Example, I asked my dad once about our culture and he said “I’ve no idea”. They most likely know more than I do about our culture, but they have lost some roots to our culture themselves, and it will continue with my kids. Culture just isn’t a big part in our family, and I don’t really care if I don’t know more about it.


If I were First Nations, would I keep ties with my aboriginal culture? I most likely wouldn’t care, like how I don’t care about my culture now. An example is that our family is German and I haven’t done anything German in my life. I’m not very German though, and if I was First Nations it would be a little different, and people would know I’m Aboriginal. So it’s hard to say, but I probably wouldn’t care about my Aboriginal culture that much.

A4 – My Goals!

In ELA this year I have planned some goals for my self. Some short term, others long term. While I excel in some aspects of writing, I need some work in other parts. Two of my short term goals are writing neater, and reviewing my sections before I had them in. My writing is very messy and almost unreadable, so I got to take my time and make sure I’m writing my neatest that I can! For reviewing my sections, I have to go over it and add more where I can. I’ll also fix any corrections I’ve made, and just really take my time. A couple of my long term goals are making meaningful comments in my answers, and develop better time management. To make meaningful comments, I’ll put time and thought into my answers and do them right the first time so I don’t have to come back and redo them. To develop better time management, I’ll put more time into ELA and do my homework right after school instead of waiting and forgetting about it. There is my goals this year for ELA. They are all reasonable and achievable as long as I stick with them and try my hardest.


A4 – Response to Man in the Video

Dear fellow human being,

I’m so sorry to hear of these tough times these bullys put you through. I’ve been though similar events as you, but definitely not quite so severe. When something bad happens to me, I can just shrug it off, but my mother has a much harder time, which makes me have a much harder time. I think running isn’t the answer, though, when life gets tough. Fight back and pee on them. Let no one get in the way of your happiness. Mothers care about their kids more than anyone in the world, and she was crying because she loves you. You have to stand up to bullies not only for yourself, but for the ones that care about you.

A2 Formal Literary Body Paragraph

One part of the author’s style of writing that stands out is his daring word choice. In “Ancestors – the Genetic Source” by David Suzuki, David explains his connection with his culture and uses daaring words along the way. David is explaining that people think it’s fine to use certain words to refer to Japanese people. “Jap and Nip … conjure up all the hatred and bigotry ” (p 281). Many writers would not use these words or bring up this sensitive topic. The daring word choice is a unique aspect of David’s writing and isn’t seen very often from other authors. David has many other interesting aspects of writing, but his daring word choice stands out the most.